I hardly ever watermark my pictures. First of all because text on the picture draws attention away from the image. Secondly because most people will not steal your work. But some people will do anything to get things for free. And yesterday I found out that a hotel had used one of my images to send their guests and friends October Greetings. Here’s the image I fond on Facebook. The funny thing is that they have watermarked the picture.


Theft on internet is not something new. It has always been there, and it probably always will. But there are something called Copyright. And that is one good thing for all photographers posting their work on the web. I did send them an PM-post via Facebook to have them remove the picture and I know they red it. But they seem to ignore. I also sent them an email explaining the laws about copyrights, and if you have interest you can find something here : https://public.resource.org/scribd/8763709.pdf

Here is my Photo, and I’m now taking action on this matter.


The question is: Does companies like this only steel pictures ´for use on Facebook or do they use materials on other medias such as their website, brochures, posters… ETC. 

Comments are welcome and if you have experienced the same please PM me. Let suckers like these know that we don’t work for free. Have a Great Weekend.


Last weeks wedding.

Last week I did a wedding-shoot in Copenhagen. Hard work, but so much fun and yesterday I gave them the pictures.





More pictures at Kristofferihlen.com

King Of The Road.


As I sit here.

Thinking that this is a small world. And I could travel the distance from Copenhagen to Lesvos in 3 hours. We share the same moon but at this time of the year it is hidden behind the mountains. I had to do an experiment on long exposure, and how to capture the stars.

So on a single exposure I got this.


Good Night my friends.

Mouria Restaurant Tavern.

Try out something new with the locals is not always successful. But dine here is worth every euro. Previous owners of this place have served me not so good meals, but I always give new people a chance. And this was a Yummy place to be at this time.


When asking for Retsina, they had not other than bottles but you can have a nice bottle of Kourtaki, and Kourtaki is okay by me. Tomato salad was as expected, and the Tsatsiki had no lack of garlic. Burokakia was indescribably good and their saganaki was good as well.


A selfie with the locals??!!

Yes I enjoy this Island of Lesvos.

Back Home.

Wow. I made the trip without problems all the way to Athens.And then I was asking myself do I dare… Yes I did..


This propeller aircraft made me save priors, and the fact that the Cabin crew, and the captain did not speak English too good was a disappointment. Well I climbed aboard at this Aircraft vessel. Hoping to reach Mytilini.


And I made it.

Now I’m home.

Capture The Moment.


Copenhagen Harbour.


Silent Moment.


Midsummer night.

The weather is not showing it self from a good side so I’ll spend the time in the chair and do some reading instead of going out and look at bone fires.


Hopefully the weather will change tomorrow so I can go outside to do some captures.

Monday Morning Midsummer.

Up at 4:05 to make myself a cup of of hot coffee. This week’s challenge is to only use My Canon Powershot G16, and use my Ipad to postprocess and post the pictures. I have not been post on my blog recently since I have been working to much.
Well I have to wake up now, and here is a selfie taken an hour ago, just befor the coffee.


Now wish me good luck on this challenge, and take care out there :-)


Tourist in My Hometown.


So this weekend I found myself walking around in Copenhagen. Some days off in the city I finally got the chance to act like a tourist in the perfect weather.  First picture is from the Queens castle Amalienborg. The land around Amalienborg Palaces was acquired about 1602 by King Christian IV (1577-1648 – ruled Denmark and Norway 1588-1648) and was located outside the ramparts of Copenhagen. King Christian IV – who was also known as the great architect and builder of Copenhagen used other parts of the obtained land to expand the city by building Rosenborg Castle (1606-24)


Next place to stop was Nyhavn. Nyhavn was constructed by King Christian V from 1670 to 1673, dug by Swedish war prisoners from the Dano-Swedish War 1658–1660. It is a gateway from the sea to the old inner city at Kongens Nytorv (King’s Square), where ships handled cargo and fishermen’s’ catch. It was notorious for beer, sailors, and prostitution. Danish author Hans Christian Andersen lived at Nyhavn for some 18 years.

There are more images from Copenhagen to be seen at my facebook-page. www.facebook.com/stofferpix

Skopelos. (The Rock).

In the city of Skopelos under the Church of Maria Magdalena lie the catacombs or what is left of them. Some told me they led you all the way to the city of Mytilini, but I never found out.


It is kind off scary down here, and I must say cold and moistly. However very interesting to look at the old icons and religious symbols that has been placed on different places.


As every other city on this island the streets are picturesque, the narrow streets with old buildings mixed with newer ones. An old woman tells me to have a look at an old well from the period when the Turks was here.


On the cafenions older men sit in the shadow in the middle of the day enjoying their coffee or an ouzo. I ask an old man if I can take a portrait, and he says; yes but you have to send me a copy. I will not do so. I will bring a copy on my next visit because I am sure I will come back. 



The main square with restaurants would be nice to visit on an evening. Friendly and helpful people everywhere. Further up the street the local fisherman stops and his son come to action selling fresh fish from today’s catch. This is a village where citizens let the days go bye undisturbed by the tourists.


Morning in Utterslev Mose.

This morning I went out to Utterslev Mose. The Northern suburbs of Copenhagen. I had some time to take some Long exposures, and I took my tripod, and remotecontrol to do this.


This was taken with 17 sec. f/16. 100ISO

It Starts With A Dream.


The add on the window says> Det begynder med en drøm… Means: it starts with a dream…
There is a lot of Romas here in Copenhagen during the summertime especially. Now the Police have started to come after them, unfortunately the men behind is not reachable. Let us hope they will.

Let the Day Begin.

Morning-view from the kitchen window half past five in the morning, and the days are getting longer up here in Scandinavia.


As always I will bring my camera with me, but not the Nikon D2X it has been replaced with this smaller Canon Powershot G16. Fits into my pocket so I can have it with me without a suitcase, or a bag.


No worries, I still have the D2X but this smaller one does a great job as a substitute and is much faster than I hoped to believe. Have a nice day out there, and remember> Capture The Moment.

Dagens Plan.

Dagens plan var, at gå en tur i Mosen, og fotografere den skønne natur. Det startede jo ellers godt. Indkøbstur, og loppemarked. Så hjem til formiddagsmad, og så åbnede himmelen sig. Jeg går altså ikke tur i Mosen når det regner, så jeg fandt frem mit Canon G16, og min IPad. Så kan jeg jo teste om det virker som lovet: Synkronisering mellem de to enheder, og den virker upåklageligt.


Redigeringsmulighederne på en iPad er dog ikke lige så gode som med en laptop, men Adobe har liggende en gratis app, der kan downloades. Photoshop Express har mange gode funktioner, og hvis du ønsker kan du opgradere til pro-udgaven. Jeg har dog valgt, at køre gratisudgaven som jeg hentede i Appstore.
Jeg kom ikke ud i Mosen i dag, men jeg sidder da i køkkenet, og tæller regndråber, og drikker Sort Chai-the.
God søndag :-)

Leg Uden farver.

Jeg leger pt. med S/H Kompositioner, og nyder dette meget. Da jeg ikke vil gå på kompromis med kvaliteten stiller jeg mit kamera ind på RAW / JPEG. Stiller farvevalg til SH. I min viewfinder ser jeg derfor billederne i SH, men kameraet lagrer billeder som to kopier; RAW og JPEG. Jeg har derfor muligheden til, at justere alt dersom jeg ønsker det.
Bagdelen ved at fotografere på denne måde er kun, at memory-kortet hurtigere bliver fyldt. Nå, men her er altså dagens billede fra Emdrup Sø, hvor jeg holdt en lille pause.


Jeg ønsker jer alle en god Bededagsferie, og for jer i Norge, en God 17. Maj fejring, og tillykke med 200 års jubileet.

Another Monday.

And time for new projects. How far do you go when taking B&W photos? Do you pimp them up with extreme contrasts or do you hardly post-process them?


Here is my pimped up with contrasts and I kind of like it.

L O V E.


Sometimes it’s okay to shoot your wife, actually it’s romantic. Well I kind of knew that came out wrongly.


Liberation Day.

Liberation Day.

On 5 May 1945, Denmark was officially free of German control. Citizens all over the country took black shades used to cover their window during bombing raids, and burned them in the streets. In many places it’s a tradition to light candles in the windows, and it’s done annually in the evening of May 4th.
I have lit my candles and placed them in the window.



No News from DK.

When I woke up this morning it was a bit rainy. So I had a coffee and went up to the northern part of the city. So as I reached Klampenborg, and went down to the beach. A bit to late for a sunrise, but the sky was with me.


The Round Tower.

Good Evening Copenhagen.


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